The Tenenbaum Family

The Raid on Tenenbaum’s Home

Despite being told that the sacred Jewish Sabbath begins approximately an hour before sundown and ends about an hour after sundown Saturday evening, by Tenenbaum’s lawyer, the FBI executed a search warrant in the middle of Shabbat. During the raid of the Tenenbaums’ home his young children’s music and coloring books were seized, along with the family’s personal files and computers, and a raid of their most personal belongings.

Tenenbaum was suspended from his job. Along with that suspension, his LASS program, designed to save warfighters’ lives, was dismantled.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have killed over 3,000 soldiers and injured over 33,000. Over 2,550 soldiers have specifically died from I.E.D.s. Over 1,500 U.S. soldiers have returned without a limb.

Psychological Warfare

The entire Tenenbaum family was placed under 24-hour surveillance for months in a “game” of psychological warfare. His young children were unnecessarily frightened by surveillance vehicles which purposely would slowly drive by them as they innocently played outside on their front lawn.

Dr. Tenenbaum made the headlines of the local newspapers where he was labeled a spy because the government conveniently “forgot” to seal the search warrant. Media from around the globe were spoon-fed patently false information that classified materials were hidden throughout his house, including the baby’s bedroom, though no classified materials were ever found because there were none to be found.

Hateful comments were posted about Dr. Tenenbaum on white supremacist websites; anonymous phone calls threatened him. He and his family’s lives were in danger.

Tenenbaum’s neighborhood, home to Holocaust survivors and a thriving Orthodox Jewish community were intimidated in an effort to isolate the Tenenbaums from the community. Members of his community who attempted to help him were visited in the middle of the night by his community’s police department and threatened while others in the small Jewish community were threatened by FBI agents themselves.

The Initial Investigation

After an exhaustive 18-month investigation, the FBI and Department of Justice admitted that there was no evidence that Dr. Tenenbaum had done anything wrong.

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